Cowboy Bebop: Original Soundtrack 3: Blue

  • Artist: Yoko Kanno
  • Publisher: Victor Entertainment
  • Catalog Number: VICL-60203
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Release Date: 05/01/98

Additional Information:

  • Composed and arranged by: Yoko Kanno
  • Jazz instrumentals by: The Seatbelts

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Track Listing:

  • Disc 1:
    1. Blue (performed by Mai Yamane)
    2. Words That We Couldn't Say (performed by Steve Conte)
    3. Autumn in Ganymede
    4. Mushroom Hunting
    5. Go Go Cactus Man
    6. Chicken Bone (performed by Aoi Tada)
    7. The Real Man
    8. N.Y. Rush
    9. Adieu (performed by Emily Bindiger)
    10. Call Me, Call Me (performed by Steve Conte)
    11. Ave Maria
    12. Stella By Moor
    13. Flying Teapot (performed by Emily Bindiger)
    14. Wo Qui Non Coin (performed by Aoi Tada)
    15. Road to the West
    16. Farewell Blues
    17. See you Space Cowboy (performed by Mai Yamane)