Alien Nine

  • Production Studio: Genco
  • Region 1 Publisher: Central Park Media
  • Debut Date: 05/13/01

Additional Information:

  • Director (Episode 1): Jiro Fujimoto
  • Director (Episodes 2-4): Yasuhiro Irie
  • Manga by: Hitoshi Tomizawa

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About this Anime:

Yuri has just been elected to be the Camelia Class's member of the Alien Party. The Alien Party is responsible for dealing with the alien threats that inexplicably ravage the school. Yuri is obviously far from thrilled with this situation.

To add insult to injury, Yuri must adjoin with a symbiotic alien known as a "borg," in order to combat the alien menace. Yuri isn't alone, as she is joined by Kumi and Kasumi, two other class representatives. As the alien attacks escalate, will these three girls persevere, or will the weight on the girls' shoulders force them to collapse?