Bubblegum Crisis

  • Production Studio: AIC
  • Region 1 Publisher: Animeigo
  • Debut Date: 02/25/87

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About this Anime:

In 2032, MegaTokyo is a sprawling metropolis that dazzles the eyes of all that behold it. The GENOM corporation's Boomer line of robots make work a snap for the citizens. However, every rose has its thorns, and every corporation has its dirty secrets.

Under the tidy exterior, MegaTokyo is a filthy pit. Crime is through the roof, and the lowest rung lives in filth. Boomers are a latent menace that rampage through the city on a daily basis. The AD Police are growing more and more useless in the face of increasing boomer attacks. Enter the Knight Sabers, a band of cybernetically suited vigilantes that exist to take down the mad Boomers and the company that birthed them.