Dirty Pair Flash

  • Production Studio: Sunrise
  • Region 1 Publisher: ADV Films
  • Debut Date: 01/21/94

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About this Anime:

Worlds Welfare Works Association (WWWA) Agents Kei and Yuri are about as different as can be. Kei's tomboyish, tough, and quick to anger. Yuri's dainty, spoiled, and catty. The two mix as well as oil and water. Unfortunately for them, Kei and Yuri were assigned to be partners by the WWWA central computer, under the codename "Lovely Angels". The pair quickly gained another name for themselves, due to the sheer amount of property damage that ensues in the girls' famous catfights.

The time is quickly coming for the Lovely Angels to step up and save the world. However, can the world survive the Dirty Pair's daring "heroism"?