Saber Marionette J

  • Production Studio: Hal Film Maker
  • Region 1 Publisher: Bandai Entertainment
  • Debut Date: 10/01/96

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About this Anime:

Terra II is a planet populated only by men. To fill the gap left by a lack of women, the citizens of Terra II created marionettes, emotionless robots that look like women, to serve them.

Otaru Mamiya is an average fish seller from the country of Japoness, who is constantly annoyed by the irritating Mitsurugi Hanagata. Otaru's life takes a turn towards excitement when he awakens a strange marionette named Lime. Unlike most marionettes, Lime has a personality, and a lot of spunk... and she's not afraid to show it! It's not long before Otaru stumbles across Lime's "sisters", Cherry and Bloodberry, leading to a crowded new life for the four.

All is not happy-go-lucky, however. The seeds of war are growing in the neighboring country of Gartland. Faust, the country's leader, is readying his country for a war for world domination. Lord Ieyasu, shogun of Japoness, turns to Otaru and his special marionettes to put an end to the movement. Can Otaru and crew stop Faust's evil machinations? And, really... why are these marionettes so special?