City Hunter 1

  • Production Studio: Sunrise
  • Region 1 Publisher: ADV Films
  • Debut Date: 04/06/87

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In Shinjuku's seedy underworld, there exists a network of sweepers: killers for hire. They will take jobs on either end of the law... for a price. Among the streets of Shinjuku, there are rumors of a particular sweeper, the City Hunter - a marksman of unmatched caliber that answers to those who sign their requests with "XYZ" on the Shinjuku Station message board.

Ryo Saeba, the City Hunter, is a man of skill indeed, able to fire a .357 magnum through even a crack in the wall with perfect accuracy. However, the rumors don't seem to mention Saeba's darkest secret: He's a lech beyond comparison, who will stop at nothing to get "mokkori" from the next pretty young thing he meets.

Viewers are invited to join Ryo and his associates through several of the City Hunter's most famous cases, from guarding the next Olympic heroine, to helping a young girl reunite with her mother.