Black Lagoon

  • Production Studio: Studio MADHOUSE
  • Region 1 Publisher: FUNimation
  • Debut Date: 04/08/06

Additional Information:

  • Director: Sunao Katabuchi
  • Original Manga by: rei hiroe

About this Anime:

Rokuro Okajima, a salaryman trapped in middle-management, is about to have a rude awakening. Rokuro has been living in the delusion that, so long as he is in a stable financial position, he is "happy." Everything changes, however, when Rokuro is sent on a routine delivery to a South Pacific client. Rokuro's ship is hijacked by a trio of pirates that were hired to steal Rokuro's cargo - a nondescript data disc. Revy, one of the pirates, decides that Rokuro, whom she gives the nickname "Rock", would be valuable for a ransom. Revy's logic proves to be faulty, however, since Rokuro's employer would rather bury Rokuro with the pirates. The disc Rokuro was carrying contains valuable corporate secrets. Things finally boil over until Rokuro's employer personally meets with his captors, and offers to take his employee back. Rokuro has different plans, though. After all, his employer said it best: Rokuro Okajima is dead. All that remains is Rock.

With nowhere to go, Rock joins his captors, who run under the name The Lagoon Company. He still prefers his white-collar style. However, when his days consist of negotiating with weapon-smuggling nuns and raiding sunken German U-Boats, he can be sure that his life will never be the same.