Shin Chan

  • Production Studio: Shin'ei Doga
  • Region 1 Publisher: FUNimation
  • Debut Date: 04/13/92

Additional Information:

  • Adapted From:: Crayon Shin-chan

About this Anime:

Meet Shin Nohara: a mischievious five-year-old that has a particular fondness for childish gross-out antics. Whether he's farting in the library or performing the "elephant dance" (which will be left to the reader's imagination), Shin rarely fails to disappoint. He's a smart-mouthed brat with a particularly strong libido, as he lusts after anything in a skirt. Shin idolizes the fictional superhero Action Bastard, who saves the world, one innuendo-filled episode at a time.

Shin's world is one filled with colorful characters, from Shin's lecherous father, to Shin's ragtag group of friends that run the gamut from Penny the financially down girl in a broken home to Mosso, who is so deep in the closet that he is finding Christmas presents. Viewers are invited into this den of madness, as Shin endures the rigors of everyday life in modern Japan.