Sword of the Stranger

  • Production Studio: Bones
  • Region 1 Publisher: Bandai Entertainment
  • Debut Date: 09/29/07

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About this Anime:

Kotaro is a boy on the run. The Ming want his blood, and will stop at nothing to get him. The Chinese burned down the temple where Kotaru was living, leaving the boy and his dog, Tobimaru, to wander aimlessly as they head westward. While taking refuge in a small village, the two come across a stranger known only as Namaeshi ("No Name"). Namaeshi, who is haunted by the demons of his past, has made a vow to never draw his sword. The three are joined by fate, as Namaeshi, Kotaro, and Tobimaru journey through the wilderness toward safety.

The Ming are on the hunt for Kotaro, whom the emperor's royal eunuch has foretold as the one chosen by the stars to complete the Xian medicine. The Xian medicine is a mystical drug that promises eternal life to those who take it, though it can only be made with the blood of the chosen, if the blood is drawn at midnight on the night of a full moon. The Ming, with near endless resources, have struck a deal with a local lord to provide shelter, as well as the use of an outpost. The Ming soldiers are fierce in battle; their ability to feel pain is dulled by opium and their skill with weaponry is beyond what the locals have ever seen. In their ranks, a monster lurks: a six-foot, blonde-haired, blue-eyed foreigner that can decimate the most skilled of opponents in moments. The brute's only desire is to find one who can match himself in talent.

As Kotaro and Nameshi travel westward, the Ming slowly begin to close in. Will they reach safety? Or will the journey prove to be too much for the trio?