• Production Studio: J.C.Staff
  • Region 1 Publisher: FUNimation
  • Debut Date: 12/10/03

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About this Anime:

In the 21st century, a small family of vampires lives in modern Japan. They survive by secretly drinking small amounts of blood from the population. The family's oldest daughter, Karin, has a secret, though. Unlike the rest of her family, Karin isn't a blood-sucker. Rather, she's a blood producer!

Karin's managed to keep her secret hidden from her classmates so far. However, with the arrival of Kenta Usui, the cute guy with a creepy stare, that might not be so easy anymore. Whenever Karin gets close to him, her blood kicks into overdrive until she finally bursts in a giant nosebleed! Things get even worse when Usui catches her in the middle of an explosion. Will Karin be able to keep her secret, and keep Usui quiet at the same time?