Blade of the Phantom Master

  • Production Studio: Oriental Light and Magic / Character Plan
  • Region 1 Publisher: FUNimation
  • Debut Date: 11/06/04

Additional Information:

  • Based on the Manhwa by: Youn In-Wan
  • Co-Directed by: Joji Shimamura and Ahn Tae-kun

About this Anime:

The Jushin Empire has fallen. Now a land divided by the conniving, corrupt, and tyrannical, its people cower, awaiting heroes of old to rise and save them.

Munsu, a cynical Amen Osa - traveling warriors whose lives were dedicated to fighting corruption and serving the best interests of the people when Jushin flourished - wanders the countryside. Bitter at the sight of people afraid to stand up for themselves and take control of their own destiny, he questions whether they deserve to be saved.

After briefly crossing paths with a young man in the desert willing to stand against a local tyrant in the name of love, Munsu finds himself moved to action.

This multinationally-produced Korean-Japanese animated film adapts the first two story arcs of Youn In-wan's Sinamhaengeosa.