Moeyo Ken (TV)

  • Production Studio: Trinet Entertainment
  • Region 1 Publisher: FUNimation
  • Debut Date: 07/01/05

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Changes are sweeping across Meiji-era Kyoto. Society is modernizing, western influences are creeping into daily life, and humans are beginning to coexist with monsters. Monsters that wish to live in the human world are regulated by licenses.

Unfortunately, not all monsters wish to exist with humans,and opt to revolt, instead. Enter the Mobile Shinsengumi: a trio of talented warriors that use a combination of swords, guns, and good old-fashioned magic to subdue unlicensed monsters. Unfortunately, such a job inevitably leads to millions of yen in property damage. The group is in a bit of a spot, as the debts pile higher and higher.

A solution is on the way, though: Ryuunosuke, son of the group's founder, is on his way from China, bearing great financial knowledge. He has a number of innovative ideas to reverse the organization's fortunes. While this news seems wonderful, Ryuunosuke has his interests elsewhere. Much to his mother's dismay, Ryuunosuke plans to return to Shanghai after his duties are complete. Will the Shinsengumi be able to convince Ryuunosuke to stay and return to the black at the same time?