Record of Lodoss War: Welcome To Lodoss Island! OST

Parn (Contributing Writer) — September 29th, 2001
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Welcome To Lodoss Island! is a parody of the Record of Lodoss War OAV released in 1998. Although it has yet to arrive on US shores, it's supposed to be very similar to the Lodoss Island mini-cartoons in the Lodoss War Chronicles TV series in concept and humor. This soundtrack certainly has a happy-go-lucky feel to it. I'm not sure what to make of it exactly, although the music definitely is unique in style. Don't expect any serious mood-inspiring themes that you heard from the other Lodoss soundtracks, as this music is supposed to fit a not-so-serious movie, and it pretty much keeps a cheerful mood throughout. I was almost freaked out by track 5 "The Sage Wort," because it sounds like a song you'd dance the Tango to, or something remotely similar. "To Those Travelling Everyday" is the only vocal song on this CD, and for some annoying reason, they put a shortened version on the CD along with the full version.

This CD is relatively easy to obtain, and if you're a big Lodoss fan, grabbing this OST is a great choice. It has some very catchy tunes.