Neon Genesis Evangelion Addition

Ramza (Former Staff) — April 20th, 2000
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This is the closest equivalent to a Drama CD in all of the Evangelion soundtracks out there, but it's also technically the 4th OST. Track 2 is a 22 minute audio track of just talking, sounds like a new episode for radio playing or something along those lines. Track 7 is also about 23 minutes long. All of the vocal tracks are done by Rei, Asuka, and Misato at the same time. They all sound incredibly humorous and at some points drunken. Overall, the CD is a lot of fun to listen to (even the classical stuff in the middle). The CD is very hard to find, I don't know of any online stores that sell authentic copies of it. I got mine on Ebay for a sweet $8, but the CD retails for $30, so good luck finding it!