The Big One

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — April 16th, 2008 — 16:55
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On April 8, Chris Beveridge announced that he has sold his site, AnimeOnDVD, to the pop-culture site Beveridge and his staff will remain with the site for the forseeable future. AnimeOnDVD, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, is one of the web's longest-running anime websites., formerly, is a competitor to sites such as IGN as it covers a broad spectrum of pop-culture topics.

According to AnimeNation, TOKYOPOP will cease production of the Kino's Journey novels. The novels are to be considered out of print immediately, due to a licensing issue between TOKYOPOP and the original Japanese licensors. TOKYOPOP also revealed that the continuing release of the Scrapped Princess novels is currently on indefinite delay.

The latest issue of SquareJump magazine reveals that a second Rosario+Vampire series is in production. The series, which has a working title of Rosario+Vampire Capu2, is scheduled to debut in October.

Viz Media announced its acquisition of a Legend of Zelda manga series. Currently, it is not known which Zelda manga has been acquired, but the first volume is slated for an October 7 release.

Recently reformed J-Rock group X-Japan announced that they will debut in America this September. The band has made arrangements to play at Madison Square Garden on September 13.

Gonzo announced plans to test an "open-pricing" model for anime downloads via Crunchyroll for The Tower of Druaga -The Aegis of URUK- and BLASSREITER. Both Druaga and BLASSREITER will be released overseas via Bost TV, Crunchyroll, and Youtube on the same day of the Japanese premiere. Crunchyroll will offer high-quality downloads of these shows, with strong urgings to downloaders to pay a "fair" amount.

Shaft announced that they will produce three new Negima OVAs. The first OVA is an adaptation of manga chapters 176 and 177 that will be bundled with the limited edition release of volume 23 of the Negima manga. The second OVA will be bundled with the limited edition of manga volume 24, and will cover chapters 178-180. The third OVA will cover chapters 182 and 183 of the Negima manga, and will be a pack-in with volume 25's limited edition.

Madhouse studios will produce a 90-second short to commemorate Otakon's 15th anniversary. The short will star the convention's mascots, Hiroko-chan and Hiroshi-kun. The short will be directed by Tsutomu Mizishima, who also directed Hare+Guu.

Media Blasters recently acquired the rights to Production IG's Seirei no Moribito. The title was revealed in a hidden bonus feature on the DVD release of Kite Liberator. Originally, Seirei no Moribito was licensed by Geneon, under the title Guardian of the Sacred Spirit. However, Geneon never released the title under its banner.

A new website opened to announce Bones' newest anime series, Bounen no Xamdou. Currently, no details have been revealed.

At the Tokyo Anime Fair, Madhouse announced that they will animate an anime series based on the box office bomb, UltraViolet. The series, titled UltraViolet: Code 044, is part of Animax's 10th anniversary celebration, and will debut on the network on July 1.

According to the May issue of Dengeki Magazine contains an announcement for a second Clannad series. Kyoto Animation is slated to animate the series, which is titled Clannad After Story. No further details have been revealed.

TOKYOPOP revealed that the company plans to debut an English release of the Tokko manga series this July. Tokko has also received an anime adaptation, which is currently being released by Manga Entertainment.

A new webpage recently opened to announce Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2. MS IGLOO 2 is a sequel to the MS IGLOO Hidden One Year film and the MS IGLOO Apocalypse 0079 OVA series.

According to Moon Phase, Hal Film Maker is currently working on a second Someday's Dreamers anime series. The show will be titled Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~.

The official Evangelion website revealed that a revised version of Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone will hit theaters. The new film will enhance 266 shots of the original release, under the supervision of director Hideaki Anno. The new release will be titled Evangelion 1.01: You Are (Not) Alone.

Viz formally announced its acquisition of the first Bleach movie. The film, titled Bleach the Movie: Memories of Nobody, will see a limited theatrical run before it hits DVD this winter.

At Anime Boston, ADV Films announced that it acquired the rights to Kiba. ADV is currently in ongoing negotiations to obtain Gurren Lagann and Keroro Gunsou. Currently, ADV has no firm plans to support Blu-Ray, nor does the company have any interest in obtaining former Geneon titles.

At Anime Boston, Bandai Entertainment announced its acquisition of the 2007 series, Rocket Girls. Bandai also revealed plans to release the Mai Otome Zwei OVA, and Ayakashi Ayakashi Divine Comedy. Bandai Entertainment currently has no plans to pursue Blu-Ray as a distribution format.

FUNimation announced its acquisition of Negima?! Spring and Summer Spring and Summer OVAs. The announcement follows last year's announcement of the Negima?! television series.

Bandai Visual placed its releases of Shifogumi: Letters From the Departed, sola, and true tears on indefinite delay. All other titles will see their normal, previously announced releases. The delays are due to the company's decision to plan its releases around Blu-Ray. Standard DVDs will no longer be released in single-volume format, in favor of full series releases.

TOKYOPOP acquired the rights to Tomozo's manga adapation and Minoru Niki's novelization of Speed Grapher. The first manga volume will have an age rating of 18+, and a suggested retail price of $10.99. The novel will have a suggested retail price of $9.99. Both titles will debut in December.

TOKYOPOP announced its acquisition of Otsu-ichi's novel Goth, and its one-volume manga adaptation. The Goth manga will hit stores this September with a suggested retail price of $10.99, and an 18+ age rating. The original novel will hit stores in October with a $12.99 price tag.