The Parade of Manga Marches On

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — April 23rd, 2008 — 00:12
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At the New York Comic Con, CMX announced the acquisition of seven new titles. The following titles will join CMX's existing lineup:

  • Astral Project
  • Fire Investigator Nanase
  • Jihai
  • Classical Medley
  • Shinigami no Ballad
  • Suihelibe!
  • Venus Capriccio

Currently, no release dates or prices have been announced.

TOKYOPOP snatched up the rights to Tomo Takabayashi's Maru-Ma novels. The Cult favorite Kyo Kara Maoh! is based on Maru-ma. No further details have been announced.

AnimeNation reports that translator Ryan Sands revealed the English release of Tokyo Zombie. Last Gasp Books reportedly acquired the rights to the franchise, and plans to release the first volume on September 18.