Mysterious Cities of Gold To Hit American DVD In April

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — January 15th, 2009 — 20:25
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Arts Alliance America announced that they will cooperate with Fabulous Films to release The Mysterious Cities of Gold on American DVD. The 39-episode series will be released in a 6-disc set in a standard edition, as well as a deluxe edition that contains two supplemental booklets, a set of postcards, and a double-sided poster. Arts Alliance America plans to release the series on April 7, with the standard edition retailing at $49.95, and the limited edition at $79.95.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold was a co-production between Studio Pierrot and DiC Entertainment, that hit Japanese airwaves in 1982. The series originally hit American airwaves on Nickelodeon, and ran from June 30, 1986 to June 29, 1990.