Netcomics Announces Five New Boys-Love Titles

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — March 6th, 2009 — 22:32
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Netcomics announced that they acquired the rights to five new boys-love manga titles.The following titles will be published by Netcomics:

  • Age Called Blue by est em
  • Dining Bar Akira by Tomoko Yamashita
  • Merry Family Plan by Sumitomo Morozumi
  • Love Full of Scars by Delico Psyche
  • Black-winged Love by Tomoko Yamashita

Age Called Blue and Dining Bar Akira are scheduled to hit stores in August. Merry Family Plan, Love Full of Scars, and Black-winged Love will be release this October. Netcomics will also publish the five titles on their website, with the first title hitting as early as this month.