Viz Media To Distribute Naruto Via Joost, Hulu

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — April 14th, 2009 — 21:30
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Viz announced that Joost and Hulu will begin streaming uncut, English-dubbed episodes of Naruto on April 15. The first five episodes will be available when the service launches. A new episode will be added to both services every Wednesday. Each episode will run for five weeks before it is removed from both Hulu and Viz.

Viz currently holds the digital, broadcast, and DVD rights to Naruto. Since 2007, Viz released 32 single volumes and 13 boxed sets. The single volumes follow the edited, Englished dubbed version of the show and cover up to episode 135. The DVD sets contain the uncut broadcast and cover up to episode 177. Viz currently streams uncut, subtitled episodes of Naruto through both Crunchyroll and the official Naruto website.