Rumiko Takashi's Rinne Goes International

Tsukasa (Staff Writer) — April 16th, 2009 — 11:57
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Viz Media recently launched, where English versions of Rumiko Takahashi's upcoming Kyokai no Rinne manga will be posted beginning April 22. The manga will debut in Weekly Shonen Sunday on the same day in Japan.

The website will update weekly in tandem with the release of new issues of Shonen Sunday. Viz announced that the new series will be titled is Rin-ne in the west.

Rin-ne's story focuses on Sakura Mamiya, a girl who gained the ability to see ghosts after an incident in her childhood. The series begins with her receiving a mysterious visitation. Will Ichabod Crane come to warn her about the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future? Stay tuned!