Humanoids Annihilate BGC Franchise

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — May 14th, 2009 — 16:50
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Arclight Films, Wizzfilms, Latec International, and the Infotainment China Media Company agreed to produce a live-action adaptation of the Bubblegum Crisis anime franchise. The project will have a working budget of $30 million, and is slated to release in early 2012. Currently, the producers are negotiating for the director and cast. The cast will feature two male leads, and four female leads - two Caucasian and two Asian.

Mokko Studio, a partner studio of Wizzfilms, agreed to handle the post-production work in Canada. AIC and Cubix stated that they intend to consult with former Artmic staffers Shinji Aramaki and Kenichi Sonoda, in order to maintain a connection to the world concepts of the original series.

The film will be the first joint production between six countries, as all of the parties are based in different countries. Arclight Films is based in Australia, Wizzfilms in Canada, Latec International in the United Kingdom, the Infotainment China Media Company in China, AIC in Japan, and Cubix in Singapore. With the support of government grants, the producers may be able to gain funding from Australia, China, and Canada. China's involvement also ensures a theatrical release in the country.

Currently, 70% of the film's fund are allocated.

The change to the Bubblegum Crisis cast marks the most politically correct change to a working formula since Ghostbusters Extreme. Unlike Ghostbusters Extreme, Bubblegum Crisis will not feature super-powered cripples.