To Broadcast Aoi Hana

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — July 10th, 2009 — 16:07
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Yuricon Founder and President Erica Friedman revealed that Aoi Hana will be streamed on The first episode will be posted tonight at 11:00PM EST, and will use Crunchyroll's feed of the series.

Ms. Friedman wasn't able to divulge specifics about the arrangement, but she did state the following:

"When you hire someone for social media, you get not only their experience, their skills and their knowledge — you get their ability to use their pre-existing connections on your behalf. In this particluar case, I was able to bring a lot to the table — a decade of experience in social media, detailed knowledge of both the audience and the market and some useful connections. It all dovetailed together nicely." focuses on the portrayal of lesbians and bisexual women in the media. It is the largest website for LGBT culture, with over 700,000 readers per month.