Manga no Shimbun To Offer Stories in English, French, Korean

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — October 22nd, 2009 — 23:04
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The creators of Manga no Shimbun announced that they plan to release their manga in English, French, and Korean within six months. The site, which launched last Thursday, reports news stories in a number of categories, including politics, sports, business, and international affairs. However, unlike most news sites, the stories are drawn as multi-page manga by two artists and a team of 40 to 50 assistants.

According to editor-in-chief Ryo Son and KaBa Net company director Kazumasa Iida, an average of two and a half news stories are drafted daily by Son for the artists to illustrate. Each piece takes roughly six hours to complete.

Manga no Shimbun hopes to profit from advertising revenue, as well as article redistribution, and the adaptation of press releases to manga format.