Updated: FUNimation to halt Fractale simulcasts

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — January 19th, 2011 — 20:48


    Fractale Streaming Resumes

    Mike Ferreira (Editor) — 02/07/2011 23:02 EST

    FUNimation resumed streaming the series on Monday, January 24. The company issued the following statement:

    In recent days we have been diligently tracking the online illegal distribution of the anime series Fractale and on behalf of the rights holders we have been taking the appropriate legal action. As a result, we now have the approval of the Fractale Production Committee to stream episode 2 of the series starting today. We will make the episode available at 10:45 a.m CST and we are pleased to be able to continue the Fractale simulcast each Thursday as planned.

    The simulcast of the show's fourth episode was delayed, due to a snow storm that passed over the region.

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Anime News Network reports that FUNimation will cease simulcasts of Fractale after only one episode. According to ANN, the Fractale Production Committee forced FUNimation to halt the simulcasts, and requested that the company eliminate unauthorized videos of the show online before simulcasting can continue. This includes streaming sites, file-share networks, and file servers

FUNimation Marketing Director Lance Heiskell stated that "We are disappointed that this series has been distributed illegally, and we're actively working to remove the first episode from illegal streaming and downloading sites; we've got a dedicated anti-piracy team in place that works on controlling all of our simulcast material. However, our Japanese partners for this series have decided that since this episode is currently uncontrolled and is available illegally in all territories, they don't want the episode online."