FUNimation Discontinues Dragon Ball Z Kai, Others

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — January 29th, 2012 — 23:10
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Right Stuf revealed that FUNimation discontinued four anime titles and two live-action films. The following titles will no longer be produced:

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai parts 1-4
  • Ghost Train (live action)
  • Kodocha seasons 1-2
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers
  • Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles
  • Synethesia (live action)

The revelation comes shortly after FUNimation's announcement that they will cease production on the remastered Blu-Ray editions of Dragon Ball Z, beginning with Level 2.1. Due to the costs of production, FUNimation halted work on the series, and is currently looking into more efficient means of remastering the show.