Verizon Drops FUNimation Channel

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — February 23rd, 2012 — 05:25
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Last week, Verizon sent an e-mail message to FiOS television subscribers to inform them that they will drop the FUNimation channel from their service. The company cited "very low viewership" as their reason for dropping the network, which will be removed by March 15.

FUNimation network manager Amanda Nanawa responded to Anime News Network's inquiries about the matter with the following:

We appreciate the outpouring of support from the FUNimation Channel nation regarding this sudden notice. After learning of Verizon FiOS TV's decision, we are discussing our options to maintain FUNimation Channel's presence on their platform. We promise to keep our legion of fans posted through our website and social media pages and encourage our fans to call Verizon FiOS TV to voice their opinion.

The FUNimation channel will continue to be available on AT&T U-Verse, Xfinity, and Charter, as well as smaller cable providers across the country.