Sunrise World War Announced

Yushiro (Former Staff) — May 25th, 2003 — 15:22
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Bandai has accounced a new Playstation 2 game which will bring together characters from anime shows developed by Sunrise over the past twenty years. Series verified to be included at this point range from classics like Gundam Wing and Armored Trooper Votoms to more recent titles such as The Big O and Cowboy Bebop.

The game itself appears to incorporate several innovative concepts, including distinguishing between two layers on a board, the ground and the sky, and the size of the unit in relation to terrain. Combat will use a 3D engine, while the rest of the game will be told through 2D stills and cutscenes taken directly from the anime themselves.

Sunrise World War is set for an August release in Japan at 7,800 yen.