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  • Name: ShawnMichaelsX99
  • Age: 28
  • Latest Contribution: 08/15/08
  • Headquarters: Rhode Island
  • Top 10 Favorite Anime: Hellsing, Dragon Ball, Hand Maid May, Saber Marionette J, Devil May Cry, Green Green, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Midori Days, Magic Knight Rayearth, Labyrinth of Flames
  • Favorite Games: Breath of Fire III, Breath of Fire IV, Final Fantasy IX, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne


I know what you're all thinking: Who is this handsome-sounding devil? Could he be THE Heart-Break Kid? Sadly, I'm not Shawn Michaels. However, I do love pro-wrestling.

I'm just your average, anime-loving guy. As a fan, I've been hooked since I first watched Dragon Ball... you know, before Goku died a million times, and a bunch of characters nobody cares about joined in. However, I never really understood what anime was until a few good friends helped me see that the hobby was more than just guys in skin-tight spandex screaming at each other for episodes on end.

I'll be blunt: my true passion is video games, especially Capcom's Breath of Fire III. Seriously, if you haven't tried it, then what are you waiting for? Go! Play! We'll be here when you get back!

As the newest member of Anime Dream, I promise to deliver my best, and try not to make the editors cry too much.


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