Profile for Matt Brown (Editor in Chief)

  • Name: Matt Brown
  • Age: 35
  • Latest Contribution: 08/26/12
  • Base of Operations: Central Florida, USA
  • Known on Twitter as: MattB_AD
  • Known on Reddit as: mattucf


I started off at Anime Dream by creating a news-update program, so that updates could happen a little faster (which I have since rewritten a number of times). Now, I do a little bit of everything here. I write reviews, help administer the site, and take care of the server and programming needs we have.

My reviewing style is story-focused. While I try to make note of visual or aural elements that really stand out, story is the bread and butter of TV and movies, and I strive to give it the attention it deserves.

On the personal side: I became interested in anime when I found out what wonderful music Japan has to offer. And while that may not be the only reason I continue to watch animation, it remains the main drive.


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