Geneshaft, Volume 3: Orbit

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — May 1st, 2004
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Just when Geneshaft began showing some potential, the series has decided to take a sharp turn for the worst. Despite the positive turns the second volume offered, this third romp with the Bilkis crew does little more than leave a horrible after-taste.

The plot itself does very little to keep the viewer interested, which really isn't much of a surprise. Clich´ after clich´ is spoonfed to the viewers with very few surprises. By the middle of the disc, several of the characters degrade to a level of angst that make Gundam characters look like balanced individuals. Also introduced in the disc is an annoyingly arrogant pilot that speaks in the third person and goes by the name Jean. It seems that this character has no purpose except to turn viewers away, since he is little more than a pest that nobody could look forward to seeing. Answering my question from my volume 2 review, the only character that saves this show from total dismissal continues to be humorously sadistic computer developer, and her worn-out crew of debuggers.

Jean and Mario share a tender moment together. Why does every maniac in this series have at least one gun on his person?

Technically, this volume manages to fare much better. With a very nice clean transfer and no signs of aliasing, cross-coloration, or macroblocking, this third volume presents a beautiful visual portrait. The sound is clear with no dropouts or distortion on either track.

Sadly, it seems that Bandai is running out of ideas for extras to pack with this series. This volume had fewer, more generic extras when compared to the previous volumes. The packaging contains an image of Mario and Tiki on the front. On the back is a description of the disc's contents, a list of episodes, an extras list, and a few screens from the show. The reversible cover image contains Mario standing in front of the faces of Jean and Beatrice. The insert features an enlightening description of one of the less-explained aspects of the series: the I.E.O.: Earth's governing body. The disc itself sees a return of the Geneshaft Glossary, as well as two image galleries: one for Bilkis crew members, and the other for mecha designs.

If this third volume is any indicator of how Geneshaft will conclude, I can honestly say my hopes are not high. Any potential the series had is now wasted, and it seems that redemption is close to impossible.

Video Quality: A-
Audio Quality: A-
Presentation: B-
Content: D-
Overall: C-