Geneshaft, Volume 4: Mobius

Mike Ferreira (Editor) — June 18th, 2004
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Since the beginning, Geneshaft has proven to be a gross disappointment. Its contrived story and boring characters have succeeded in making every episode an exercise in patience. Effort on behalf of the crew was obvious, but the show never seemed to come together to form a quality product. With this volume, the show makes its exit with a small whimper of shame, rather than the exuberant bang it could have made.

The series itself has been on a downhill turn since the second installment. Every episode manages to cram more and more angst into each agonizing twenty five minutes. This problem is especially felt in this disc, where the climactic final showdown devolves into nothing more than a PMS-fueled shouting contest. The story is ended with a slapdash resolution that leaves many questions unanswered. Plot holes are rampant and character conflicts remain unresolved. This, coupled with the fact that every likeable character save Dolce (the hilariously sadistic programmer) dies before the twelfth episode manages to leave a foul taste in the viewer's mouth as the final credits roll.

Mika finally cues in that the floating red globs aren't Jell-O. Geneshaft... Let's face it, you'd be safer doing acid, as Sergei demonstrates.

As with the other volumes, the visual and audio quality is the high point of the disc. The show's visual aspect is clean with no aliasing or artifacts. The sound is clear,with no dropouts or distortion on either track.

Viewers looking for a decent set of extras will be sorely disappointed with this final installment of the series. Outside of two small galleries and the Geneshaft Glossary, there isn't anything to really look through. The packaging utilizes a reversible cover again, this time with the main image featuring Mika, Hiroto, and Ryoko. The back of the cover has an image of the Shaft, a brief description of what is on the disc, and a few screen shots. The alternate cover features a series of shots of Mir that take her from childhood to adulthood. On the left of the adult Mir picture is a sullen-looking Sergei. The insert features some information on the Shaft, as well as a return of the cover art.

With a slow start and an even slower finish, Geneshaft has not ceased to disappoint at every turn. Anime fans and sci-fi fans alike are encouraged to stay away from this travesty at all costs.

Video Quality: A-
Audio Quality: A-
Presentation: C
Content: E-
Overall: D