The Place Promised in Our Early Days

  • Production Studio: CoMix Wave
  • Region 1 Publisher: ADV Films
  • Debut Date: 11/20/04

Additional Information:

  • Alternate title: Above the Clouds: The Promised Place

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About this Anime:

The tower which rises high above the clouds over the island of Ezo (formerly known as Hokkaido, before the separation from the mainland) is one object of Hiroki and Takuya's fascination. The other is a girl, named Sayuri Sawatari. The boys are building an airplane which will one day fly to the tower, and they make a promise to bring Sayuri along.

But with her mysterious disappearance, and Takuya attending high school in Aomori while Hiroki heads to Tokyo, and the rising tensions near the Tsugaru Strait between powers eager for war, the days the trio had together and their promise seem like a distant memory. And what's worse: keeping their promise could be the key to losing everything.