• Production Studio: TMS Entertainment
  • Region 1 Publisher: Funimation
  • Debut Date: 10/03/06

About this Anime:

In the Nineteenth Century, a being known as the Millennium Earl seeks to rule the world. With his army of akuma (devils), the Millennium Earl plays on the wishes of the desperate and needy to increase his ranks.

Allen Walker was abandoned at a young age due to a deformed left arm. He was adopted by a traveling clown named Mana Walker, who raised the boy as his own. Three years after he adopted Allen, Mana succumbed to death's icy grasp, leaving Allen alone once again. Distraught, Allen makes a deal with the Millennium Earl, who promises to revive Mana. The Earl happily obliges, reviving the man as an akuma. The newly revived Mana curses Allen and slices through the lad's left eye, which awakens Allen's latent anti-akuma powers, and gives him the ability to see disguised akuma.

Shortly afterwards, Allen enters the ranks of General Cross, an Exorcist of the Black Order. The Black Order is a secret organization bent on ending the machinations of the Millennium Earl, to save the souls trapped within his akuma army.