Mezzo DSA (TV Series)

  • Production Studio: ARMS
  • Region 1 Publisher: ADV Films
  • Debut Date: 01/04/04

Additional Information:

  • Mezzo Creator: Yasuomi Umetsu
  • Sequel to : Mezzo Forte (OVA)

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About this Anime:

The three-member Danger Service Agency (DSA) takes contract work for things the police can't (or wouldn't want to) handle. The group was created by ex-cop Kenichi Kurokawa, and expanded to include techie Tomohisa Harada and fighter Mikura Suzuki.

Little Asami Igarashi comes into the group initially as a fangirl of Mikura, and helps the group out with odd jobs (much to the boss's chagrin).

How will the DSA respond when the powers that make their livelihood possible experience a change of heart?