Sgt. Frog

  • Production Studio: Sunrise
  • Region 1 Publisher: FUNimation
  • Debut Date: 04/03/04

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About this Anime:

In the year 2004, the world was invaded by the frog-like Kerons - a cruel, calculating race that laid waste to everything in their past. Millions died, and even more were injured in the Kerons' great assault. The world was dominated in days, nay hours, and humanity was doomed... or not. In reality, the Kerons proved to be far from a threat, with the Earth-invasion platoon being led by an incompetent failure of a warrior known only as Sgt. Keroro. He's childish, easily distracted, and absolutely adores Gunpla (Gundam models). Keroro, as well as his four subordinates, were abandoned in the Kerons' retreat from the planet. Now, they are serving their lives as hostages (more like guests or live-in servants) to the very humans they wished to dominate.