Kinky Robot Sex and the End of the World: Godannar

Matt Brown (Editor in Chief) — October 23rd, 2011
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Godannar is a mecha show that shamelessly rips off Vandread of all things (which in turn probably ripped something else off), except it leaves out all the funny. In fact, its plot is a bit more like Evangelion, with a unique monster each week that all the sex hungry robots and their pilots have to figure out how to defeat. That wasn't a typo. The show goes to great lengths to make it look like the mecha are joining up in the most lewd fashion possible. You'd think it would be funny. It isn't.

The main character is Goh, who pilots a Dannar. Yup. Back in the war against mimetic beasts (who act like they're stuck in an invisible box all the time), Goh saved a girl named Anna, who swooned and wound up engaged to him. On their wedding day, one of the pesky monsters comes out of hiding and Goh rushes to the defense of Tokyo-3-or-whatever-the-city-is-called...without having said his vows. Royally pissed, Anna rushes toward the base, only to get sidetracked with a weapon blast and land in a cave housing a fruity pink robot, which of course she can pilot. Then something akin to her robot having sex with his robot happens, and by their powers combined, the monster is vanquished. Rinse. Repeat.

AIC tries really hard to do a regular mecha show, complete with godawful theme song (it rivals that of the original Macross). The Eva factor ruins any chances of that, though, and you start expecting at some point that the Godannar will belt out one of those "Beast that Cried I At the Heart of the World" roars with claws bared or whatever, and humanity liquefies into sticky orange goo just so some bratty kid can walk a beach in peace with his girlfriend. Then again, maybe not — the show does spend a lot of time bouncing boobs around for the audience.