Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok: Say That Ten Times Fast

Matt Brown (Editor in Chief) — October 30th, 2011
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This show answers the question: "What would the Grim Reaper be like if he were a midget?" You see, the great and powerful Odin banishes Loki, god of death, to a life of torments too great to enumerate. OK, fine, he runs a detective agency with assistant Ryuusuke Yamino, serving humans who have run-ins with supernatural elements. The horror! One such human is Mayura Daidouji, who lives in what looks like a dojo with father Daidouji, the latter of whom can see spirits while she can not.

She's trespassing in an old house when she encounters a doll that laughs in a creepy way and talks to her. Being very smart and in no way foolish, she brings the doll home with her, fascinated by it. The honeymoon doesn't last long. A black cat sneaks in like a ninja and makes off with Mayura's newfound prized possession. Wanting it back, she stops by the detective agency, where all four feet of Loki tunes in to the evil aura surrounding her. Events unfold, Loki undergoes a rock and roll revival of something resembling a magical girl transformation (without losing clothing, thankfully), and the world is set right for some period of time.

This show is actually pretty good, and I feel bad for having let it languish in the slush pile of largely unsavory titles entrusted to Anime Dream by the late ADV Films. Mayura's enthusiasm is infectious, which all by itself is capable of keeping the show fresh and on track. (Of course she joins the agency, and of course she gets herself in trouble a lot.) Also, the plot doesn't waste any time in getting a move on, as various Norse gods appear wanting to kill Loki for various reasons. I look forward to seeing more...that is, if I could find more DVDs on the cheap, seeing as how I only have the first.