Romeo x Juliet

  • Production Studio: Gonzo
  • Region 1 Publisher: Funimation
  • Debut Date: 04/04/07

About this Anime:

In this adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, the Montague have taken control over the aerial land of Neo Verona by slaying the Capulets, the rightful rulers. Only a few retainers escaped, carrying little Juliet Capulet from harm. In the present time, Juliet is about to turn sixteen, and learn about her heritage.

The surviving capulets plan to use the popular dissatisfaction with Montague's tyranny to strike back, but a chance meeting of Juliet and Montague's son Romeo serves to complicate matters. As if that's not enough, the land is dying. The giant tree Escalus, which supports the land, has withered during Montague's rule.

With the stage set, two lovers once again tempt fate, forsaking all else to be together. Or do they?